Moose River Bow Trip
July 15 to 18, 2001
For rules and Info visit Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands 

This is the start of the trip.

Attean Mountain from Attean Pond.

One of the many Loons that inhabit the pond.

Looking towards the portage end of Attean Pond.

This is the entrance to the campsite located just to the right of the portage trail.

The start of the portage trail to Holeb Pond. The sign says 1.2 miles.

A mother loon with her baby on board. Took this picture while fly fishing on Attean Pond.

The trail to Holeb Pond. There were lots of planks over lots of swampy sections.

My camp for the night. I was some glad I put the tarp up over the tent, it poured that night.

A shot of Attean Mountain in the morning mist.

The sun came out for awhile when I started the portage.

Some more of the planks. They were 10 to 15 feet long and as many as 26 sections in one place.

More planks.

More planks.

The trail wasn't all planks.

An interesting flower that I saw. It's about 4 inches tall and has bell blossoms. The common name for these flowers are Indian Pipes. They have no cloriphyle and live on dead matter only. There are also some Golden Thread in the upper right of the picture, that is used for cancer sores. There was a bee in one of them when I first noticed it.

More of the trail. I spent 9 hours portaging on this trail. That will teach me to pack light.

This was all of the road part of the trail. I took this shot at the junction of the woods trail. It goes into the woods on the left just before the bend.

Holeb Pond at sunset.

This is what it's all about.

I tried to be a little artistic.

I was hoping for a red sunset.

The Loch Ness Monster? Or the wind?


I hope it doesn't come ashore!!

Now it's going the other direction! And getting closer!!

AHH !!! Just a loon fishing for shiners that were feeding on flies on the surface. The total distance it travelled under water was over 500 yards and it changed direction 3 times before surfacing.

The early mist from the camp site on Holeb Pond.

The camp site. At 3 a.m. I was awakened by a coyote howling about 20 feet from my tent. I made some noise and used my flashlight and it left and left my food alone.

A pair of loons on Holeb Pond Jut before I headed into Holeb Stream. One last look at Holeb Pond.

The railroad bridge crossing Holeb Stream.

A shot of Holeb Stream. The water is actually flowing into Holeb Pond, not the Moose River.

A raft used to cross Holeb Stream.

The first hump of Camel Rips. The second drop was almost identical.

A cabin located on the banks of Moose River.

A shot of yours truly at Holeb Falls. I met a couple that had paddled up from Mosquitoe Rips to look at the falls and we exchanged cameras for a photo shoot.

Another shot of me. The difference in height of Holeb Pond and Attean Pond is 72 feet, 33 feet is taken up by Holeb Falls.

A shot of Holeb Falls from below.

This is the last drop of Holeb Falls. The end of the portage trail is on the right.

Where I spent the night. The land owners supply these cabins for anyone to use. There were 2 at Holeb Falls.

Mosquitoe Rips.

Time to take a break. Another shot of Mosquitoe Rips from shore.

I couldn't ask for better scenery.

The Moose River.

Attean Falls. The first drop.

Attean Falls. The second drop.I was able to run both drops. Very easy.

Another shot of the second drop of Attean Falls.

The entrance to Attean Pond. 3 more miles to go.

The landing zone. 34 miles of fun about to end.