Day 1

I arrived in Rockwood Thursday evening, slept in the back of the truck then left early Friday morning with Amy for Stratton. We unloaded at the boat ramp just North of town and posed for pictures. Click on the pictures for larger images. The pictures are in numerical order for the trip so if you go to Pictures you can find pictures in the same time frame as the ones shown.

I loaded everything into the canoe so that I could check the balance. The bow is actually over the wheels because it is slightly narrower and I could move the wheels closer to the center. The canoe where I carried it weighed about 20 lbs.

As I headed across Flagstaff there were numerous coves and I relied on my maps, GPS and compass to make sure I didn't head into the wrong place.  

This is one of the camp sites shown in the Maine Gazetteer. Although I didn't check all the camp sites shown, I did not find any shown in the Gazateer that were not there.

One thing there is a lot of on the lake is driftwood.

This is the island campsite. Although it is possible to pitch a tent there there is not much room to much else.

This is the approach to the camp site I stayed at the first night. As I got close a couple of deer came out of the woods and got a drink of water. When they saw me they watched for a while then wandered back into the woods. Also a loon swam by me about 75 feet away.

One of the first things I did was to filter my drinking water. I used a pump style and kept my 2 gallon jug full. Filtering the water took quite while and I had to clean the ceramic quite often.

There was room for about 5 or 6 tents easily.

There was a map at the site showing numerous camp sites. The place I stayed was Ferry Farm.

Where do bears go in the woods?

As the sun goes down...........

This is all my gear laid out. From left to right.. Trash bag. My main back pack with lantern, propane stove, shovel, hatchet, extra compass, first aid kit, some clothes and food, some of the propane tanks, flash light. Another back pack with an assortment of clothes and food. A waterproof bag with some clothes, bread, air pump and any thing not packaged to take getting wet. Another back pack. Pole. My digital camera case (waterproof) holding GPS, compass, wallet, knife, matches, some first aid supplies, and a small flash light. My drinking jug. My 35 mm camera case. 2 life jackets. In front, tent, tarp and air mattress. Fly rod and casting rod. 2 graphite paddles and one wooden paddle. Sleeping bag in front. Tackle box. Wheels and frame. 

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