Day 2

Day 2 started with a little fishing first thing in the morning since the fish were jumping in the cove next to the camp site. Catch and release. Mostly chubs.

As I headed out the wind came up and I had to fight a little bit of chop.

The approach to the portage trail. This is also a campsite.

A shot of the dam at the end of Flagstaff lake. If you look at the trees in the back ground you can get an idea of the drop.

This is a shot of the the first part of the trail taken from the gravel road toward the water. Although a little rough I had no problem pulling the canoe up to the road.

This is the gravel road that I portaged on. I had no problem at all. A couple of trucks and vans offered to tow me to the put in but I turned them down. One person I talked to ended up being someone I had known almost 30 years ago. Small world.

This is the portage trail shown on the maps. The gravel road was 1 1/4 miles, the trail was 1/2 mile. I figured I saved over 5 hrs by taking the longer route.

The put in shown on the maps was to the left of the picture. The channel was on the right. I would have had to drag the canoe 100 feet over rocks to get to the channel. Instead I went across the bridge and put in just above the big rock on the right. This is where I ate my noon meal. The river was a little low and I had to get out a few times until I got to the deeper water.

Another shot of the river taken from the bridge. It was quite bony. Not where you would want to take a canoe you wanted to keep looking pretty.

As I was passing this rock I noticed unusual patterns on it. I just had to stop and take a picture. Can you see the fish on the right and some one holding a spear ready to nab the fish? Actually it's a natural feature and was not carved into the rock.

After about 1/2 mile the river opened up into a wide flat passage. This lasted all the way to the dam above Grand Falls.

To the right of the dam is a passage to the pool above the falls.

A shot of the dam from above. My canoe is in the lower right and the stream is in the upper center.

This shot is taken from the the portage trail. My camp site is on the right and the stream is on the far left. Although it looks like a good size pool it actually isn't that far to the falls from the stream.

Grand Falls.

My camp site for the second night. There are several camp sites around the falls. Some above and some below. Since this stretch is used for rafting you have to be careful of rapidly rising water. There are regular releases for rafting mostly on week ends in the morning.

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