Day 3

Day 3 started as I watched a couple of osprey circle the pool below the falls. There was a short semi-rough trail to a gravel road, then down hill a couple of hundred yards to the falls over look and the portage. The portage trail is directly behind you if you are looking out at the falls. Look for the fallen birch tree and go under it.

This is the birch tree. It's about 8" in diameter.

Looking down the portage trail. The edge of the tree is in the upper right.

Looking up at the portage trail. The speck of red in the top center is my waterproof bag. The rough part of the trail is only about 150 yards.

The start of Spencer Stream. Up river for 6 miles.

Most of the way I walked in the water pulling the canoe behind me. I had several types of water shoes with me, but found an old pair of sneakers worked the best. Some stretches were suitable for poling. Some for paddling. This shot is looking up Parker Brook where it meets Spencer Stream.

Looking up Spencer Stream from the junction of Parker Brook. I left Spencer Stream and went up Parker. I then picked up Little Spencer Stream.

Little Spencer Stream.

There are 3 ponds below Spencer Lake. This is looking back after I got onto the first pond. A line of rocks went across the outlet.

I camped at the head of the last pond, about 1/2 mile below Spencer Lake. As I was setting up camp a moose decided to feed in the pond. One of 3 that I saw on the ponds.

The camp site is an established one. There was a log frame that tarps could be thrown over for shelter.

After the moose left a loon came over to feed on the chubs at the mouth of the brook.

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