Day 4

The day started nice and clear. A couple of loons calling was my alarm clock.

One thing I found on my last trip was that if I shaved every morning my face didn't itch and I felt much better. Also the insects didn't seem to bother as much. As long as I was heating water for my coffee I heated a little more for shaving.

I took this shot looking through the logs for the lean to that was at the camp site.

My alarm clock.

I was going to be headed up stream so I took this to show the width and depth of the stream. The paddle on the left is 5 ft. long.

This is the burned out dam at the outlet of Spencer Lake.

I scouted different portages around the dam and found the easiest was right through the sluice gate. My canoe is in the right side of the photo.

A couple of 4' x 8' steel plates that were laying on the spillway. This is looking toward Spencer Lake. The logs going across are about 18" high.

Since most of my stuff was in back packs it was easy to unload and drag the canoe up and into the lake.

The wind picked up and I had to crowd the shore to make progress up the lake. My course was on the right, but because of the wind it was easier to stay on the left.

There's a set of narrows between the lower part of Spencer and the upper part. Just to the right of center you can see the lodge belonging to the owner. He came in on a float plane and checked me out as I was crossing the lake. Then he landed and after I passed through the narrows he took off and checked me out again. As I was paddling I had a loon on either side of me as escorts. The owner of the camp owns all the land around the lake and another camp at the head of the lake.

At the end of Spencer there's a short stream into Fish Pond. At the head of Fish Pond is a campsite that would easily hold a dozen tents.

The inlet to Fish Pond. The camp site is to the left.

The stream was not very wide and some places I had to walk and some places I could pole. Very sandy bottom.

The stream was very narrow and the were several beaver dams I had to drag the canoe over. Some places there were alders hanging right over the stream and used them to pull myself along..

Once I hit Hard Scrabble Road I pitched camp. There was a camp site a little further up the road but I had to fill my water jug so I stayed right near the stream.

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