Day 5

This morning I woke to the sound of logging trucks.

Hard Scrabble Road is a private road owned by a logging company. No ATV's or snowmobiles allowed. When ever I heard a truck coming I made sure I was well off the road. I watched the drivers talking on their radios. I'm sure I was entertainment for them. If you can't be good, be entertainment.

It was 2 miles to the turn off to Spencer Rips. A lot of up hill and down hill. I took my time and made the turn off in about 2 hrs. This is at the high spot, down hill from here.

The road going into Spencer Rips was not as smooth as Hard Scrabble but quite manageable.

About 1/2 mile in I came to Whipple Bog. There is a put in at the end I was at so I said "What the heck." and decided to paddle it. The worst that could happen is I would have to turn around and go back on the road. The bog was about 2 miles long.

I'm glad I took the bog. Otherwise I never would have seen this buck.

There was actually 2 sections to the bog. After passing through the narrows it widened out a little bit.

When I got to the end the stream going into Whipple Pond had a number of blow downs across it. I left the canoe and walked down the stream until I saw a boulder in the stream about 10 feet in diameter. I decided to find an alternate route. I checked the road side but it was 1/4 mile through the woods to the road. When I checked the other side I found a jeep trail that would easily accommodate my canoe on wheels. This picture is looking uphill toward the trail, taken about 50 feet from the water. The trail is right at the top of the hill.

When I had scouted Whipple Pond the year before there was a huge mud flat and you could not easily reach the shore. That's why decided to do a 6 mile portage on the road. The conditions were the same so I was glad I had used the road. As I crossed the stream I looked toward the bog and could see the huge boulder. If I had gone another 50 feet and peered around the boulder I could have saved myself an hour's worth of time.

Between Whipple Pond and the Moose river is the Dead-Moose Divide. It's about 2 miles and ends at Spencer Rips. Uphill then down.

Spencer Rips from below. I arrived here at 1:00 after leaving my camp site at 7:00. 6 miles in 6 hours. When I arrived I heard a canoe coming down through the rapids. Talking to the couple I found out they were formerly from Kennebunk and had moved up to that area to be a Maine Guide. Small world. I had planned to camp here but since it was early I decided to push on. There are several places to camp at Spencer Rips. This is also part of the Moose River Bow Trip, which I did earlier.

The Moose River.

Some of the many ducks I saw on the river.

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