Day 6

There are established camp sites at Attean Falls. Knowing that the other couple were going to also stay there I pitched my tent at the upper site. They stayed at the next one down on the other side of the river. A moose wandered through their camp site and almost took down their tent.

Attean Falls. This is the upper section. The lower section was much shallower.

My tent site looking up river.


I had a beaver swim up to within 6 feet of me.

What a scene to wake up to.

If there was one thing I did not want to see it was Poison Ivy. There wasn't a lot, but it was around.

An unusual tree root.

A look at the lower falls. My camp was on the tip of the right hand point.

As I was scouting the falls I spotted a number of bright mushrooms.

Below the falls is a peaceful channel leading out to Attean Pond.

A heron in the shallows if Attean.

Taking flight.

A loon with 2 babies at the landing on Attean. This is where The Bow Trip starts.

I just sat there and they swam right by.

Coming into Big Wood Pond I encountered a lot of head wind and had to hug the shore. Jackman can be seen just to the right of center. I stopped in Jackman and called home. It was the first time my wife had heard from me in 6 days. The river starts again just after the town.

Another heron on the side of the river.

Most of the Moose River from Jackman to Long Pond was wide and flat.

As I came into the pond it became shallow and marshy. These buildings belong to The Last Resort Camp Ground. It is listed as camp site but I didn't check it out. Instead I went about 1/4 mile down and camped in the woods.

Finding a spot to pitch the tent was a little difficult but 100 feet from the pond was a small opening.

A raft of ducks swim by.

I met a guy from Pennsylvania who took this shot of me. Right after that I watched a cow moose and her young one wade across the pond. Again all I caught were chubs.

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