Day 7

I knew I had a long paddle if I was going to make Moosehead today so I started early.

It was quite foggy and the sun was just starting to come up.

Some times the fog would be so thick I couldn't see more than 10 feet from the boat. It even blocked out the sun. This is where the GPS, compass, and maps all came into play. I also found that if I looked into the water I could tell which way the current was flowing by the directions of the plants. That kept me from going into dead end coves.

The fog eventually burned off and I could see the narrows.

It's a long way from the narrows to the other end of the pond. That must be why they call it Long Pond.

Moose River going out of Long Pond. There were a number of small rapids before the class 2 drop. Some had to be scouted even being class 1 so that I could find the easiest channel.

Another set of Rapids.

The first Class 2 rapid is directly below the bridge. The second is about 100 yards down and amounts to a ledge drop. I ran this one and wound  up getting stranded on a ledge. The water poured over the stern of my canoe and I was afraid I'd end up swamping. I was able to jump out on the ledge and push off before I got into too much more trouble. After bailing out the water I lowered the canoe over the next ledge with a rope then reloaded it. The rest of the trip to Brassau Lake was just class 1 rapids and flat water. There were a couple of campsites just after I came into Brassau, one on either side. I had planned to use one of these if necessary. Since it was about noon and I only had another 10 miles or so I decided to push on. 

An eagle on Brassau. It was perched in a tree right next to the channel I was taking and was still there after I had left, totally unperturbed. 

The portage at the dam is on the left. It is well maintained. My trip across Brassau was uneventful. I stayed by the right shore until I got to the narrowest part then headed across. I spotted a young eagle on the trip. It landed in a tree ahead of me then took flight as I approached. Crossing the lake the sun was beating on my back and I had to soak my T shirt in water and hang it on my head and back to keep from getting heat stroke and burned.

The dam on Brassau. You can see the portage trail on the far left.

As I said the portage trail is well maintained. It passes through the opening to the left of the big tree.

Coming into the dock at Gray Ghost Camps. It is about 4:30.

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