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Clam Car

Average Growth of Clams


New Clam Cage 7-3-2006

The float is a little less than 6' wide x 6' long. The outer frame is 2x6's and the parts are a combination of 1/2" plywood and 1/3 boards. Floatation is provided by blue deck foam.

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This is a shot of the float provided by Allen Daggett. it's located in Cape Porpoise.

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The trays are made from a 5 gal. plastic bucket cut down to 8". Strips of Garland salvaged from a paper mill were used to form the outer rims. Fiberglass window screen was used to make the bottom.

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The barrels are 30 gal. The top was cut open and a hole was cut in the bottom. 1/2" mesh was placed on the bottom then fiberglass window screen was placed on top. The screens were held to the barrel with a lexan ring bolted to the bottom. Three bricks were added as weight and also to keep the bottom tray off the screen. The bricks were wire tied in place.

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The barrels are supported by ropes attached to plywood frames. 1x3's run accross the supports act as stiffeners. 

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The trays drop into the barrels thru the top and the whole thing is covered with a piece of plywood to keep predators out.

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In addition to the plywood, some of the 1/2" mesh screen was attached to the top of the barrel.

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Our baby's!!! They measured about 5mm long and 2mm thick.

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Since the clams were so small we placed them in mesh bags made from some of the window screen. 10 trays with 10,000 clams in each. We used 2 barrels and 7 trays.

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Putting the baby's to bed in the nursery. 

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